Dear Reader,

Here's the thing, people in your life are really boring. That's why you need to give them my book as a gift.

In fact, if you buy my book, culinary imaginations will explode, and you will thank me, because the unusual superpower of knowing how to make every nation's style of New Mexican pizza!, is not only good for these unhealthy debates about nationalism society is having, but you can take trips, with out leaving your home (and you thought drugs were powerful).

I guarantee you will be the life of any party, or your money back (Look how smug I look). My grandma's from Italy and Mexico are rooting for you in heaven.

I plan to have this book ready to preorder March 2024!

The 4 Principles of a style of pizza are:

  1. Dough

  2. Sauce

  3. Toppings

  4. Chile Flakes


    Mark Stens Land

    (This is my pen name now, because no one knows how to pronounce my name, and I'm trying to force you to remember me. Plus I'm obsessed with regenerative agriculture. It's the only way to solve all of our problems.)