Pizza Castle

Great ingredients might make great pizza, but it's the heart behind each slice that makes it unforgettable.


Mark Stensland

11/5/20232 min read

"The Uncompromising Pie: A Slice of Davido’s Devotion"

In Rio Rancho's culinary tapestry, there's a thread that weaves through the heart of the local pizza scene, binding the community to a hub of uncompromising quality. That thread is Davido's Pizza and More, a place where the art of pizza is practiced with a dedication as rich as the sauce ladled on its crust.

David Wheelock, the maestro of Davido's, is not just an owner; he's a custodian of the craft. From the tender age of 16, his hands have been flour-dusted, his eyes fixated on the rise and fall of dough, and his mind settled on one unwavering goal: to serve not just good pizza, but the best. Wheelock's recipe for success is simple—start with the best ingredients, because, as he insists, "the best products make the best pizza."

But what really sets Davido's apart isn't just the premium ingredients; it's the soul infused in every pie. Wheelock is the epitome of a hands-on owner, steadfast in his belief that being present is the cornerstone of excellence. His philosophy is one of hard work and meticulous oversight, ensuring that each pizza isn't just made, but crafted with precision and care.

The ambiance of Davido's is a slice of the casual comfort food scene—unassuming yet inviting, perfect for grabbing a quick bite without fuss. It's here that the menu speaks in delicious dialects, offering every pizza with a gluten-free counterpart, because inclusivity is just another layer of their rich sauce.

Davido's marquee isn't lit up with just your everyday Margheritas and Pepperonis. It's adorned with the likes of Bianca Pizzas and the audaciously named Green Chile Chicken Enchilada Pizza—creations that don't just tickle the taste buds but embrace them in a culinary bear hug. Add to that the playful Pizza Pinwheels and the robust Veggie Stromboli, and you have a menu that's as daring as it is diverse.

So, here's what you do: head over to Davido's Pizza and More. Let yourself be pulled in by the promise of top-shelf ingredients and stay for the warmth that only true dedication can bake into a crust. Whether you're gluten-free or gluten-full, there's a place for you at Davido's table. Savor the specials, revel in the names that promise more than just a meal, and become part of the story that each handcrafted pizza tells. This isn't just a pizzeria; it's a declaration that when you care about what you do, it transcends the ordinary—it becomes extraordinary. And isn't that just the kind of meal you deserve?