Chicago Pizza Kitchen

Chicago Pizza Kitchen in Albuquerque serves up a genuine Chicago deep-dish experience with a side of renaissance charm and a salute to American veterans.

Mark Stensland

11/8/20232 min read

Blog Post Title: “Chicago Pizza Kitchen: Albuquerque’s Deep Dish Destination”

It’s said that you can’t take the Windy City out of a Chicagoan, and the same goes for its pizza. At Chicago Pizza Kitchen in Albuquerque, the owners have baked up a slice of home right in the heart of New Mexico. With a dedication that borders on reverence, they bring the hallowed deep-dish pizza—a style cherished by many yet rare in these parts—to life, complete with the iconic sauce-on-top innovation designed to protect the precious cheese from the oven’s ardor.

This isn’t just a pizzeria; it’s a cultural crossroads where the spirit of pizza Uno—the very first of its kind in Chicago—meets Albuquerque’s diverse tastes. The owners, enchanted by the original deep-dish haven in downtown Chicago, have channeled that inspiration into every pie served here. And while tradition is the cornerstone, their menu brims with creativity, promising new discoveries with each visit.

Step inside Chicago Pizza Kitchen and you’ll find yourself amid a whimsical array of renaissance flair and medieval armor, a setting that’s as bold and unique as the flavors on offer. The pizza crusts are a lexicon of Chicago’s best, from the authentic deep dish to a hearty pan style, and even a stuffed crust that’s a meal in itself.

But the heart of Chicago Pizza Kitchen lies in its roots—the owners, proud disabled U.S. Army veterans, who’ve not only crafted a tribute to pizza but also to those who have served. Their Table of Honor stands as a poignant reminder of their service and sacrifice.

And if pizza could ever have competition, it would be in the form of their other offerings—the zesty Giardiniera, succulent Italian beefs dripping with Au Jus, addictive garlic Parmesan fries, and sweet pizza-dough cinnamon bites that will have you plotting your next visit before you’ve even left.

So, if you’re yearning for a taste of Chicago’s storied pizza legacy or simply in search of a dining experience that’s as full of character as it is flavor, make your way to Chicago Pizza Kitchen. It’s more than a meal; it’s a journey to the heart of pizza passion.