Flavor is more than taste and smell.

What’s the STORY ?

Preorder New Mexican Pizza: How to Calibrate your Culinary Imagination Across America— because you won’t find a book like this at your typical bookstore or library (until now:).


Flavor is defined as: Taste, Aroma, Mouthfeel/Texture, Emotion and Culture—AND, through regenerative farming/ranching practices, healthy, satiating, non-sugar spiking, gut beneficial, ingredients rich in nutrition.

Get that “natural flavorings” BS trash you buy at the supermarket out of my face.

Through these filters, about caring about the health of people, pets and the planet, I break down what makes the perfect pizza: Dough, Cheese, Toppings, Sauce, and Flakes. Each element is crucial for creating pizza masterpieces.

That said, across the five senses, discover and learn more about yourself and others as you create culinary experiences that enrich your sense of time and place across every state in America—because it’s the stories we tell ourself, ourselves and others that matter.

Make New Mexico Great Again ;-)…

If you’re not transformed into a brilliant culinary creative, I’ll give you your money back.

In this book, you’ll Learn:

How to think about yourself and regional culture differently!

How to create in every unique state: flour mixes for gluten and non gluten doughs/batters; cheeses/spreads; toppings; sauces/dips/drizzles; pizza flakes blends!

Regenerative practices for farmers, ranchers, homesteaders, and gardeners!

Sensory studies across the social sciences, and more!

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