Dion’s Pizza

Dion's stands as a testament to ABQ's culinary landscape, where a simple yet thoughtful menu, a dash of nostalgia, and that famed ranch dressing have crafted a pizza empire that's become a cherished backdrop for generations of family memories.


Mark Stensland

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"Dion's: A Slice of ABQ's Heart for Over 40 Years"

Let's chew on this: Dion’s isn’t just a pizza place; it’s a rite of passage in Albuquerque. Celebrating over 40 years, Dion’s isn’t just surviving; it’s thriving with a pizza empire that spans across three states. But what's their secret to becoming a beloved institution? CEO Mark Herman dishes it out: it's about hitting that sweet spot between a menu that's carefully curated yet diverse enough to tickle everyone's taste buds—from tykes to seniors.

And talk about a family affair! Some locations come equipped with stepstools so the kiddos can ogle the pizza-making magic up close. Dion’s even runs kid-friendly tours that are all about fostering a love for good food and teamwork. It’s no wonder it’s the backdrop for many an Albuquerquean’s "first job" story—including Herman’s own climb from fresh-faced high schooler to the big cheese.

Their approach? Stick to wholesome ingredients and classic flavors. It's a formula that has families flocking for a slice of that cozy Italian pizzeria vibe, especially after Sunday services or the big game. And the pizzaioli tossing dough at the entrance? It’s like dinner and a show for the little ones.

But let's not forget the culinary plot twist: Dion's began as a Greek restaurant before pivoting to pizzas baked in a serendipitously inherited oven. Yet, they don’t parade a plethora of crusts—just one unique offering that’s become the canvas for toppings like pine nuts, anchovies, and the quintessential ABQ touch—green chile.

Now, here's the saucy scoop: the Dion’s ranch dressing. A legend in its own right, perfected in the mid-80s and so craved that it sparked a local news frenzy over a shortage. My buddies and I swear by the green chile and pineapple pie, dunked in chipotle ranch—a combo that’s pure Dion’s DNA.