Mark Stens Land

11/6/20232 min read

Farina: Crafting a National Culinary Icon in Albuquerque"

In the culinary constellation of Albuquerque, Farina Pizzeria and Wine Bar shines with the intensity of a star that's earned its place in the national spotlight. The journey to acclaim began with a simple yet ambitious goal: to create a pizza that was nothing short of perfection. Stew Dorris, transitioning from the world of fine drinks at Artichoke Cafe to the precision of pizza making, knew that the foundation of Farina's future success rested on the trials and triumphs of experimentation. Thousands of pizzas later, Farina emerged, not just as a local favorite, but as a beacon of pizza excellence recognized across the country.

General Manager Orion Guimond attributes this acclaim to an unwavering commitment to quality—a refusal to compromise on ingredients or to diminish the value of their dedicated staff. It's this philosophy that has propelled Farina to the forefront of the pizza scene, with their traditional Margherita—a symphony of house-made fresh mozzarella and a time-honored recipe—serving as the crowd favorite and a testament to the universal appeal of a classic done right.

Yet, Farina is more than its Margherita. It's a gallery of gourmet creations like the Formaggio di Capra, adorned with house-cured pancetta, each pie a canvas where the thin, bubbly crust with its signature char speaks of the fiery embrace of an 800° oven. The downtown location buzzes as a see-and-be-seen venue, its wine list a curated collection of conversation starters, while the Northeast Heights outpost welcomes groups with its expansive seating and a full bar, setting the stage for memories in the making.

The ambiance of Farina marries rusticity with contemporary flair; exposed brick walls at the downtown establishment whisper tales of the past, even as they showcase the vibrancy of local artistry. And in a gesture that extends the Farina experience beyond its doors, the offer to take home a ball of their prized dough invites patrons to partake in the craft of pizza making within their own kitchens.

With personal favorites that range from the meat lover’s Carni to the vegetarian delight Melanzane, from the spicy kick of Pepe Caldo to the tender Pork Shoulder Sandwich, Farina's menu is a parade of culinary diversity. And for those sweet endings, the Butterscotch Budino and the robust flavor of their Gorgonzola Dipping Sauce are not to be missed.

In the spirit of Dan Pashman, Farina is celebrated not just for its pizza but for its ability to merge tradition with innovation, quality with community, and food with art. This pizzeria and wine bar isn't simply a place to eat; it's a place where every bite is a journey, every meal an exploration, and every visit a chance to savor a slice of Albuquerque's finest.