Golden Crown Pizzeria

Golden Crown Panaderia elevates the pizza game with New Mexican soul, serving up innovative pies and delightful pastries in an Old Town adobe that's as rich in history as it is in flavor.


Mark Stensland

11/8/20231 min read

"Golden Crown Panaderia: A Local Legacy Crafting New Mexico’s Pizza Identity"

Take a stroll through the aromatic heart of Old Town Albuquerque, and you'll find Golden Crown Panaderia, an establishment that's been more than just a bakery for the past 50 years—it's a culinary cornerstone. When Pratt Morales and his son Chris expanded from wholesaling baked goods to slinging pizzas, they weren't just adding a menu item; they were staking a claim in the city's vibrant food scene, one crust at a time.

At Golden Crown, the pizza is unapologetically New Mexican, born from a determination to celebrate local flavors over the allure of out-of-state styles. It’s a place where the pizza dough is a legacy—bread recipes passed down and perfected, then lovingly shaped into crusts that carry the names and tastes of New Mexico: blue corn, peasant, and the unmistakable green chile.

Step into this adobe haven, and you're greeted by the sweet scent of baking and an open kitchen that invites you to witness the magic. Outside, a shaded patio offers a tranquil dining spot, a respite in the bustling city. It's a place that caught the eye of none other than Guy Fieri, who featured Golden Crown on "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives," leaving behind a signed poster as a memento of the flavors that captured his taste buds.

But it's not just the air that's sweet with the scent of tradition; it's also the innovation on the menu. Picture a Thanksgiving turkey, not on your plate, but crafted from oven-roasted bread. Imagine sipping an empanada milkshake, where pastry and ice cream unite in a dance of dessert innovation. And let's not forget about the biscochitos, New Mexico's beloved cookie, reimagined in blue corn glory.

Golden Crown isn't just a pizzeria; it's a testament to the rich tapestry of New Mexican cuisine. It's where sesame seeds aren't just a topping but a statement of flavor. It's where every bite tells a story of heritage, every meal is a celebration of community, and every customer is part of the family story.