Goodfellas Pizza

Goodfellas Pizza is a testament to the timeless joy of pizza-making, where the owner's passion for dough-tossing and daily specials creates an inviting 'grab and go' atmosphere that's as delightfully varied as the menu itself.


Mark Stensland

11/8/20231 min read

"Goodfellas Pizza: Crafting Joy, One Toss at a Time"

In the bustling streets of North ABQ, there's a gastronomic hideout where the air is perfumed with the yeast of rising dough and the tang of simmering tomato sauce—welcome to Goodfellas Pizza. This is the kind of joint where passion and flour dust the air in equal measure, and where owner James Hawks is redefining the art of pizza-making.

For Hawks, tossing dough isn't just a step in the process—it's a performance, a nostalgic dance that keeps the child within alive. Imagine the joy of watching your pizza pirouette before it becomes your dinner; that's the Goodfellas experience. And it's not just about the show; it's about the result—a pizza that's a conversation starter, a memory maker, a reason to gather.

At Goodfellas, the vibe is 'grab and go'—a swift, seamless transition from oven to box to your dining table. Yet, despite the hustle, they manage to cater to every palate with classic, gluten-free, and even cauliflower crusts. And the specials? They're as generous as they are varied, with a side of soda and garlic knots on the house.

What seals the deal are the daily house specials—like the Sopranos pizza that'll have you singing 'Amore' with every bite, or the gyro Pizza, a fusion that's as adventurous as it is delicious. And let's not forget the dessert; finishing with baklava is akin to ending a symphony with the perfect note.