Hawt Pizza Co

Hawt Pizza Co. brings the art of the wood-fired pie to Old Town, blending the craft of Italian pizza with Brooklyn's hipness for a unique slice that sings to your taste buds, all served up in a space that's as cool as the drinks are chill.


Mark Stensland

1 min read

"Hawt Pizza Co.: Where Wood-Fired Wonders Meet Brooklyn Hipness"

Step into Hawt Pizza Co. and you're not just stepping into another pizzeria; you're entering a craftsman's studio where the wood-fired oven is the centerpiece, and every pizza is a masterpiece. Owner Felicia Meyer is the curator of this delicious gallery, and she'll tell you that mastering their oven is like learning to play the harp—requiring skill, patience, and a bit of pizza passion.

This isn't your average pie. It's a crispy, neo-Neapolitan experience that harkens back to the storied New York corners, but with the cool factor of Williamsburg. Forget those avocado-topped trends; Hawt's Bee Sting Pizza, drizzled with the sweet heat of Mike's Hot Honey, is where it's at. And for the lighter appetite, the Day Drinker Pizza is like a brunch on a crust, minus the hangover.

The red porcelain tile wood-fire oven isn't just for show; it's the hearth of Hawt Pizza, turning out pies that beg for a ‘light fire’ if you're not into the charred edges. Not in the mood for the buzz? Their Hibiscus Iced Tea Latte or Basil Mint Iced Tea are like the perfect refreshing act to a spicy slice.