Mark Stens Land

11/6/20232 min read

Title: "JC’s New York Pizza Department: A Slice of Downtown's Heartbeat"

Nestled in the pulsing heart of Albuquerque's nightlife, JC’s New York Pizza Department (NYPD) stands as a testament to the power of a simple observation turned into a legendary pizza joint. Joaquin Garofalo, a seasoned veteran of the downtown scene, transformed his insight about the area's pizza scarcity into a thriving hub of dining and late-night comfort. His journey from managing the Gold Street Caffe to launching JC’s with a partner is a story of patience and opportunity—a two-year contemplation that led to a downtown staple.

JC’s NYPD isn't just a place; it's a part of the downtown fabric, a fixture in an entertainment district where the thrum of the city's rhythm is ever-present. With a space accommodating up to 75 people, it's a venue that melds private gatherings with public festivity.

Garofalo's quarter-century experience downtown has sharpened his sense of the market's pulse. Catering to the after-hours crowd until the wee hours of the morning, JC’s became a beacon for night owls and bar hoppers, as well as a home for regulars whose loyalty has woven into a tight-knit community tapestry. It's this bond, this sense of belonging amidst the city's buzz, that Garofalo cherishes—a gratitude he extends to every customer, old and new.

As JC’s NYPD celebrates over 25 years, it's not just longevity they're marking—it's a legacy of adaptation, resilience, and commitment to the community's palate. Their menu is a New York mosaic: from the towering Empire State Pizza to the rich Little Italy Pizza and the homey Staten Island Pizza. And beyond the pies, there's a spread of culinary delights like hot and cold Hero Sandwiches, Fried Ravioli, and seasonal Pumpkin Cannolis, not to mention Tully’s Italian Sausage—a nod to New York's gastronomic diversity.

In a Dan Pashman-style homage to JC’s NYPD, let's acknowledge that this isn't just about feeding people; it's about feeding souls, about being a part of people's stories in a city that never sleeps. Here's to over 25 years of serving slices that are as much about the ingredients as they are about the moments they're shared in. So, step into JC’s, where every slice is a slice of Downtown Albuquerque's legendary nights and days.