Kaktus Brewing Co

Kaktus Brewing Co. is where you go to feed your soul with elk sausage pizza while making friends with chickens and peacocks in an art-filled hippie haven that reminds you food and life are anything but ordinary.


Mark Stensland

11/8/20231 min read

"Of Elk and Art: The Quirky Corners of Kaktus Brewing Co."

It's not every day that you find a place where the brew is as adventurous as the ambiance. Enter Kaktus Brewing Co., where the line-up of pizza is as wild as the decor and the company—yes, chickens and an albino peacock included. Brewer Michael Waddy and owner Dana Koller weren't content to craft just another pizza; they wanted a pie with pizzazz. And oh, did they deliver.

Imagine sinking your teeth into the hearty spice of elk sausage or the robust flavor of duck and rotisserie pork. This isn't your average pizza joint; it's a carnival for the taste buds. Each slice at Kaktus is a testament to the belief that eating should be an experience, not just a routine.

The vibe? Think of the most eclectic hippie den with a sprinkle of chicken feathers. It's where you can lounge on funky chairs, eyes darting from one piece of eccentric art to another, while resident chickens cluck their greetings. And let's not forget about the albino peacock adding a dash of regal to the mix.

Diving into the menu is like a treasure hunt. The 'From the Roots' pizza, with its earthy whispers of pumpkin, and the 'It’s Morning Somewhere' pizza, a tribute to breakfast with potatoes, feta, leeks, and bacon, are culinary standouts. And if pizza isn't calling your name, the King Pretzel and Curry Wurst stand ready to fill that void.