Old Town Pizza Parlor

Old Town Pizza Parlor serves up a slice of family fun with arcade games and top-tier buffalo mozzarella pizzas, all within the charming, historic vibe of Old Town, making it the ultimate 'playdate' for both kids and adults.


Mark Stensland

11/8/20231 min read

"Quarter Rolls and Pizza Goals: Old Town Pizza Parlor's Family Appeal"

Imagine this: a place where the zing of arcade games mingles with the zest of fresh pizza—welcome to Old Town Pizza Parlor, Nilo Gonzalez's brainchild. Having cut his teeth at JC’s NYPD Pizza, Gonzalez leaped at the chance to create a family oasis in the heart of Old Town in 2018, blending arcade fun with culinary seriousness.

Gonzalez gets it—he's a family man who knows the value of a peaceful bite with your better half while the kids are in gaming nirvana with just a roll of quarters. This isn't just a pizza spot; it's a family retreat with the charm of Old Town's history etched into its tin ceilings and the tranquility of its leafy patio—a serene sanctuary from the hubbub of the city.

But let's talk pizza because, at Old Town Pizza Parlor, the game is strong. They're slinging pies that would make any cheese connoisseur swoon, thanks to the buffalo mozzarella that's as rich and indulgent as the history surrounding the place. Vegan pepperoni that'll have meat-lovers doing a double-take, roasted turkey that's Thanksgiving on a crust, and red chile oil that brings New Mexico to your taste buds.

And can we talk about the colossal calzones? They're like the boss level in your favorite arcade game—utterly satisfying when you conquer one. The Stampede Pizza, Farmers Market Pizza, and the Watson Pizza—each a high score in the flavor game—are best followed by a classic root beer float, because at Old Town Pizza Parlor, it's about hitting that sweet spot in nostalgia.