Pizza 9

Mark Stens Land

11/6/20232 min read

"Pizza 9: A New Mexican Love Story, One Crust at a Time"

Let's dig into the Pizza 9 saga, where the foundation is as much about community as it is about that thick, buttery crust that's become the talk of the town since 2008. Hasan Aslami, the mastermind behind this burgeoning pizza empire, doesn’t just wear the hat of an owner and CEO—he dons the mantle of a community pillar, one who understands that the secret sauce of success in the pizza game is equal parts dedication and affection for the craft and the people who walk through the doors.

In the expansive pizza landscape of New Mexico, Pizza 9 has rapidly staked its claim, spreading like a delicious rumor from location to location—twelve to be exact. Aslami, with roots that stretch back to Tehran, Iran, infuses his approach to the pizza business with daily hands-on involvement and a belief that loving the job is non-negotiable.

It's not just the number of locations that tell the story of Pizza 9's triumph; it's the chapters written with the community through involvement and fundraising—efforts that turn patrons into supporters, customers into advocates.

Now, let's talk about where to find the heart of Pizza 9's revelry—inside the Revel Entertainment Center, a place that's as much about the experience as it is about the eating. The crusts here? They're a veritable anthology: from the classic deep dish to the adventurous green chile stuffed, and for those who march to the beat of their own drum, the double dish and stuffed varieties wait to take your taste buds on a tour de force.

But the uniqueness of Pizza 9 doesn't end at the crust. Where else could you top your pizza with shrimp, dive into crustless pizza bowls, snack on bread nuggets, or satisfy your sweet tooth with pizza brownies? It's an innovative menu that's constantly rewriting the rules of the pizza playbook.

So, here's the scoop: if you're anywhere in New Mexico, you've got a standing invitation to join the Pizza 9 family. Come for the buttery crust that has become a legend in its own right. Stay for the sense of belonging that only a business deeply rooted in community can provide. And when you're feeling bold, venture beyond the edge of traditional toppings and crusts—because at Pizza 9, the only thing they love more than pizza is the people who come to enjoy it. Your seat at the table is waiting.