Pizza Barn

Pizza Barn in Edgewood marries the charm of a rustic barn with the zest of New Mexico's green chile, crafting an unforgettable dining experience for families and craft beer aficionados alike.


Mark Stensland

11/8/20231 min read

Blog Post Title: "Pizza Barn: Where Rustic Charm Meets Zesty Innovation"

In the quaint town of Edgewood, there's a pizzeria that's as integral to the local landscape as the rolling farmlands themselves: Pizza Barn. Gino Giannini's vision was simple yet profound—to meld the rusticity of a barn with the communal joy of pizza. And it's this unique blend that beckons travelers from across New Mexico to this cozy culinary haven just off Interstate 40.

Pizza Barn is more than a stop; it's a destination where the decor pays homage to the rural surroundings, capable of welcoming over 120 patrons under its lofty, barn-like structure. Here, the warmth of tradition meets the thrill of innovation. The menu is a proud testament to New Mexico's prized ingredient—the green chile—adorning top favorites like the Route 66 and South Mountain pizzas with its fiery goodness.

But don't let the playful names like Plow King and Wrangler fool you; this is a spot where culinary seriousness is cloaked in fun. It's where families gather, enticed by the promise of pizzas that carry the spirit of New Mexico in every slice. And for the adults? A craft beer selection that's as robust as it is refreshing, ensuring that mom and dad can unwind as the kids revel in the laid-back, barnyard vibe.

With amenities like five big-screen TVs and treats like crispy baked zucchini, Pizza Barn doesn't just feed the body; it entertains and delights, making every visit a memorable experience.

So whether you're an Edgewood local or an Albuquerque city dweller with a craving for something different, let Pizza Barn be your next culinary adventure. It's a place where every meal is steeped in local flavor, every visit feels like coming home, and where the pizza is, quite simply, unforgettable.