Pizzeria Luca

Pizzeria Luca serves up a harmonious blend of traditional and innovative Italian fare, set against the stunning backdrop of Northern Albuquerque, where every dish is an invitation to indulge in a personalized culinary concert.


Mark Stensland

11/8/20231 min read

"Pizzeria Luca: Crafting the Quintessential Northern ABQ Pie Experience"

In the culinary symphony of North Albuquerque, Pizzeria Luca conducts a flavor orchestra where every note hits just right. Here, the classic Margherita sings with simplicity, while the Bianco pie—a three-cheese wonder topped with peppery arugula—performs a delicate dance on your palate. Luca doesn't just serve pizzas; they serve narratives woven with top-notch ingredients and a splash of innovation.

Take a seat at Pizzeria Luca, and you're the audience to an open kitchen performance, each dish a crescendo of taste and presentation. Looking out from the patio, the Sandia Mountains offer a backdrop that could rival any Italian vista, enhancing every bite with its majestic view.

But it's the "Luca Specialty" that's the headline act, featuring crowd-pleasers like hand-breaded eggplant Parmesan or the Zito Pollo, where grilled chicken and green chile play a duet of local zest and comforting familiarity. For those with a penchant for the finer things, Luca's gourmet toppings are a culinary overture—think Sicilian anchovies, sumptuous salmon, or a lavish combination of steak and shrimp.

In a move that says, "We trust you, maestro," Luca invites you to build your own pizza masterpiece. Choose your crust—regular, gluten-free, or a personalized concoction—and they'll send you home with it, ready to bake and take center stage in your kitchen.

Let's not forget the encore: a dazzling array of antipasti from fried calamari to the elegant simplicity of carpaccio sprinkled with pine nuts. And for the final bow, the buffalo mozzarella and pepperoni—a duo that promises to bring the house down.