Restoration Pizza

Restoration Pizza in North Albuquerque isn't just serving up inventive pizzas; it's a place where an exhibition kitchen becomes a heartwarming nexus for community, inclusivity, and downright delicious innovation.


Mark Stensland

12/30/20221 min read

"Restoration Pizza: Crafting Connections and Pizzas with Purpose"

At Restoration Pizza, every pie tells a story—not just of flavors, but of community, inclusion, and the joy of shared experiences. Nathan Winham, the operations maestro, knows that transparency isn't just for their windows—it's the cornerstone of their ethos. As you step into Restoration, your eyes are immediately drawn to the exhibition-style prep area. Here, pizza-making isn't just a process; it's performance art, an open invitation to witness the culinary ballet.

Winham muses to Emma Treviño of Albuquerque the Magazine, likening their space to the heart of a home—the kitchen—where friends and family gather, not just to eat, but to connect. Restoration's kitchen becomes a stage where the staff, many of whom navigate life with disabilities, are the stars, showcasing their skill and breaking down barriers one pizza at a time.

The vibe here is laid-back, with an open floor plan that encourages casual meet-ups and lingering conversations over slices. High-top tables, comfy seating, and a welcoming bar create a space that's as inviting as a friend's dining room. And in a nod to modern-day sensibilities, Restoration marries the craft of pizza with the convenience of carry-out, offering patrons the chance to grab a local Bosque beer to go.

But let's dive into the menu, shall we? The Restoration dough—a secret blend that's as much about texture as taste—forms the base for creations that push the culinary envelope. Ever tried an apple crisp pizza? It's a revelation in a slice. And for those seeking a plant-based delight, the vegan cauliflower crust is a game-changer. Don't even get me started on the red chile chicken that sings with New Mexico soul or the beer queso that's a dip worth diving into.