Rumor Pizza

Rumor Pizza is Downtown ABQ's not-so-secret hotspot for artisanal pizzas that are a cut above, with an exclusive feel and gourmet toppings that'll have you setting reminders for their next open day.


Mark Stensland

4/1/20231 min read

"Rumor Has It: A Slice Above the Rest in Downtown ABQ"

You know how every town has that one pizza joint that's always buzzing with whispers of "Have you tried...?" Well, in Downtown Albuquerque, Rumor Pizza is that place. Born just a year ago, it's already the stuff of local legend—think of it as the culinary equivalent of that indie band you knew before they hit it big.

Their secret? A blazing passion for pizza that burns as hot as the Ooni ovens they flaunt on Instagram. This isn't your run-of-the-mill pizza shop; it's a weekend love affair with dough, open Thursday through Sunday, and they play by the 'until we're out' rules, much like those cult-favorite BBQ spots in the Lone Star State.

Now, let's talk ambiance. This isn't the place to dilly-dally. You want in on this action? Click that online order button, stat. This cool-kid pizzeria isn't trying to be anything but what it is: a hipster haven where the vinyls might be as well-curated as the toppings.

But what truly sets Rumor apart isn't just the size of their 18-inch pies but the symphony of flavors they unleash. The star of the show? Parmigiano Reggiano—because why settle for just mozzarella? And the toppings? They're bravely gourmet. Pancetta Rosemary Special, Herbie Pizza, and Sausage and Sage Pizza—are we still in ABQ or did we teleport to a Roman trattoria?

Don't get me started on their Partana chile oil—a drizzle and you're transported. And to top it off, nothing does it better than a Mexican Coca-Cola, the kind of sweet nectar that sings alongside a slice.