Saggio's Scratch Italian Kitchen is not just a pizza place; it's a vibrant tapestry of Albuquerque's culture, sports, and gastronomic finesse, serving up slices of history and flavor that capture the heart of UNM and beyond.


Mark Stensland

11/8/20231 min read

"Saggio’s: Where Eclectic Vibes and Pizza Vibes Collide"

Step into Saggio's and you're not just walking into another Italian kitchen—you're stepping into an Albuquerque icon, a bricolage of history, sports, and culinary craftsmanship. Gian Casale, one of the three Bronx brothers who infused Nob Hill with their slice of the East Coast, has watched their dream evolve over 45 years from a simple slice shop to a local legend.

Chatting with Emma Treviño of Albuquerque Magazine, Casale's pride in Saggio's aesthetic jigsaw puzzle is palpable. The décor is a patchwork quilt of funky coolness, boasting life-sized sports figures and a mural that's a permanent scavenger hunt for the eyes. It's not just wall dressing—it's a conversation starter, an ambiance setter, a visual feast to accompany the literal one.

But let's slice into the heart of the matter: the pizza. Saggio's crust doesn't just underpin their toppings—it's a masterclass in fermentation, a canvas for a flavor explosion that's uniquely theirs. And while the university spot is a nostalgia trip for the college and local community, the uptown expansion in 2021 proves that Saggio's isn't resting on its laurels—it's spreading its wings.

The menu is a testament to diversity: traditional, basil pesto, and even green chile crusts sit alongside Italian classics like New York cannoli and Florentine ravioli. Let's not forget the seafood—calamari and mussels grace the menu, proving that Saggio's is more than just pizza; it's a culinary cross-section of Italian-American delights.

And as for me? I've spent countless evenings here with buddies, reminiscing over cold beers and hearty laughs, sinking our teeth into slices that are anything but your average college grub. Saggio’s proves that some secrets are too good not to share.