Scarpa’s Brick Oven Pizza

Scarpa’s Brick Oven Pizza is a testament to the timeless allure of Italian culinary tradition, meshing artisan quality with a fast-casual atmosphere to create a North Albuquerque staple where every meal feels like a family gathering.


Mark Stensland

1 min read

"Scarpa's Brick Oven Pizza: A Slice of Artisan Perfection"

In the savory world of pizza, there’s a particular joy in finding a place that feels like it's been lifted straight from an Italian family's Sunday get-together, and that's exactly what Scarpa’s Brick Oven Pizza in North Albuquerque is. For over two decades, Joe Sommers has been the captain of this ship, ensuring that not a day goes by without the essence of quality and community wafting through the air as tangibly as the scent of wood-fired crust.

Taking over from Jim Schumacher in 2000, Sommers has maintained a sacred philosophy: compromise on quality and you're writing your own closing chapter. This ethos, paired with a fast-casual vibe, birthed one of ABQ’s first artisan pizzerias, where ingredients are sacred and every slice is a testament to tradition.

Scarpa's isn't just a restaurant; it's a bustling Italian hub where rustic decor and old-world charm are as inviting as the promise of imported wines. And the offerings? Well, they're as thoughtfully crafted as the ambiance. Take the Tora Di Mele, for example—an oven-fired puff pastry apple tart that's an epic journey of taste, requiring two to finish but only one to dream about it afterward. And it doesn’t stop at pizza; the red chili cream pasta and garlic cheese bread have their own fan clubs.

The menu is a canvas where classic meets bold—garlic shrimp and wild forest mushrooms adorn pizzas in a way that’s both comforting and adventurous. And for those who forgo cheese, fear not, for Scarpa's ensures nobody misses out on the experience.