Sergio’s Bakery & Cafe

Sergio's Bakery and Cafe is a time capsule of a bakery where pizza is served with a perfect timer, meatballs are a family heirloom, and the pastries will have you coming back for more, even when you're full.


Mark Stensland

11/8/20231 min read

"Hot from the Oven: Sergio's Bakery and Cafe's Pizza Philosophy"

In a world where the convenience of takeout often trumps quality, Sergio's Bakery and Cafe stands as a beacon of hope for those who believe pizza is best served scorching hot, with cheese that stretches like a bridge from plate to mouth. Sergio DeBari, who took the helm from his father in 2013, runs the kind of place where the ovens are always roaring and the pies come out with the punctuality of an atomic clock.

Sergio's secret? Timing is everything. He's not one to let a pizza languish in a box, losing its zest. No, he insists on a handoff so seamless the pie barely knows it's left the oven. That's the level of hot, melty perfection we're talking about—a pie that's practically still bubbling with enthusiasm as you carry it out the door.

Step into Sergio's and you're stepping back in time to an old-school bakery where the walls are adorned with vintage bread vans—a nod to a simpler era. But the charm doesn't stop at decor. Sergio's mom is the meatball maestro behind their sought-after meatball subs. It's a family affair where recipes and traditions are handed down like precious heirlooms.

The star of the show? The 'Quad'. It's not a workout; it's a pizza that's doubling down on pepperoni with a kick of green chile that'll have you seeing double—in the best possible way. And while you're there, don't miss the chance to jazz up your pie with some prosciutto, or indulge in a pastry side quest—the cheese danish, the cupcakes, the donut array, and the fruit tarts are the stuff of local legend.