Slice & Dice

Mark Stens Land

11/6/20231 min read

Title: "Slice and Dice: Rolling the Dice on a New Pizza Experience"

Picture this: a place where the clatter of dice and the allure of a piping hot, pan-style pizza merge into a symphony of casual enjoyment. That’s the world Victor Briseno and his wife have crafted in the heart of Albuquerque's Westside with Slice and Dice Board Games Pizzeria—a hub where the love for board games, brewing, and pizzeria know-how come together in a delightful mélange.

Briseno's brainchild was born from a simple ritual—bringing their own board games to breweries. But why stop at food trucks when you can build an empire where the games are as integral to the experience as the food? With a library of around 350 board games and the option to take a piece of the fun home, Slice and Dice is not your ordinary pizzeria. It's a portal to an interactive dining adventure.

The pizza here? It's a star in its own right, boasting a pan-style crust that sets it apart from the Albuquerque norm with its generous thickness. The magic, however, is in the toppings, cleverly nestled beneath a blanket of cheese, waiting to surprise and delight with every bite.

The ambiance is an open invitation to fun, a family-friendly haven that's all about the joy of play. Picture a place alive with the excitement of Puzzle Nights, where the stakes are as tasty as they come—free food and gift cards.

But let's not overlook the culinary curveballs—like honey as an ingredient that adds a sweet note to the savory symphony, or the side attractions of stuffed mushrooms and churro donuts. And for the crust-conscious, they've got you covered with pan, thin, cauliflower, and even keto-friendly options.

So here's what you do: head over to Slice and Dice on Albuquerque's Westside. Go for the pizza, with its unique crust and hidden treasures. Stay for the games, the laughter, and the kind of night that's as much about sharing a meal as it is about creating memories. Whether you're there to puzzle out the toppings tucked under the cheese or to strategize over Settlers of Catan, at Slice and Dice, every visit is a roll of the dice that's sure to land on a good time.