Slice Parlor

Slice Parlor stands as a beacon for those seeking the quintessential New York-style slice, coupling hand-tossed tradition with a local brew twist, all within the vibrant heartbeats of Nob Hill and Heights.


Mark Stensland

11/8/20231 min read

"Slice Parlor: A Slice of NY in the Heart of ABQ"

Imagine a place where the New York pizza parlor charm isn't just imitated—it's honored. This is Slice Parlor, a sanctuary for pizza purists and beer enthusiasts alike, nestled right in the bustling corners of Nob Hill and Heights next to Marble Brewery. Here, the art of the slice is sacred, with dough that's handcrafted daily and stretched with a showman's flair, only to be baked to perfection on slate in traditional deck ovens.

At Slice Parlor, it's more than pizza; it's a ritual. The ambience is a slice of life itself, echoing with the chatter of thirty-something professionals unwinding over a pint and a slice that's far from fast food—it's a crafted experience. The vibe is laid-back yet buzzing, a casual haunt where the community's pulse can truly be felt, and where a bar stool awaits the weary who yearn for the simple pleasure of crispy crust and melty cheese.

Their unique offerings? Think names that dance on the tongue—Mammal, Zia Sausage Supreme—each a testament to their creativity and homage to their roots. But let's not forget the accouterments: the fresh garlic that elevates every bite, the innovative Cesar salad pizza that defies convention, and local twists like Zia ginger ale and a New York vanilla cream seltzer that cleanse the palate with a refreshing kick.