Straight Up


Mark Stens Land

11/6/20231 min read

Title: "Straight Up Pizza: Tossing Up Tradition in the Heights"

In the bustling Northeast Heights of Albuquerque, there's a family affair that's been dishing out more than just pizza since 2009. Straight Up Pizza is the brainchild of Gary O’Canna and his sons, Randy and Travis, a trio whose combined 30-plus years in the pizza game have kneaded a legacy that’s as much about kinship as it is about crust and sauce.

Here, the dough is a family secret, made from scratch daily, and the marinara sauce is a homemade tradition. Randy, the co-general manager, puts it plainly: the pizza business is a kaleidoscope of days, no two ever alike, but it’s the family bond that elevates their pies from merely delicious to truly special.

Step into Straight Up Pizza and you’re stepping into a slice of O’Canna family history. The ambiance is an open invitation to the process, an open kitchen where the art of pizza making is on full display. It’s a throwback to the days when the sight of pizza dough spiraling into the air was enough to make any kid's day. It’s about the show, the smells, and the sizzle that turns waiting for your pizza into part of the experience.

But let’s cut to the chase: the menu at Straight Up Pizza is a roster of originals. With offerings like the Devil Dog Calzone and Chocolate Chip Cannoli, the O’Cannas aren’t afraid to mix things up. Their Spicy Marinara Sauce and Banana Peppers are a nod to those who like it hot, and let's not forget the Chupacabra Pizza—a legend in its own right, crowned as one of the top 50 delivery pizzas in the U.S. by none other than the Food Network.

In true Dan Pashman fashion, let's celebrate Straight Up Pizza for what it really is: a testament to the joy of pizza making, a tribute to family, and a cornerstone of the community. It’s not just about the food; it’s about the feeling of being right there in the kitchen, part of the family, part of the magic. So next time you're in the Heights, swing by Straight Up Pizza. Come for the spectacle, stay for the special—because here, every pizza is a piece of home.