The Eatery

The Eatery at Mesa Del Sol serves up conveyor oven pizzas that perfectly cater to the diverse and fast-paced community, with a menu that's as inventive as it is delicious, offering a modern twist on fast, fresh, and film-friendly dining.


Mark Stensland

11/8/20231 min read

"Quick Bites, Big Dreams: The Eatery's Conveyor Oven Pizzas"

Tucked away in the heart of Mesa Del Sol, adjacent to the bustling Netflix Albuquerque studios, lies a pizza haven that's anything but typical—The Eatery. This is where Wise Pies, a name synonymous with frozen pizza delights, still serves up its fresh, made-to-order individual pies with a side of local charm.

Owner Eric Eckles has seen it all, from young first-time homeowners to retired adventurers, all drawn to this spot—not just for its convenient location but for its fresh spin on pizza. Imagine stepping up to the counter, selecting your favorite toppings, and minutes later, voila—a pizza that's all yours, both in creation and in flavor, is ready before you can say 'action!'

The Eatery's ambiance is as fresh and modern as its pizzas, with a bright interior that's all clean lines and glass walls. Step outside, and you're on a patio with a view that makes every slice taste better. And the menu? It's as eclectic as the clientele, offering everything from CBD coffee—a nod to the Californian transplants—to gluten-free crusts that don't skimp on flavor.

The pièce de résistance? The specialty wrap—or should we say, the burrito debate? It's a fusion that's sparked more discussions than the latest binge-worthy series next door. Pair it with their cinnamon rolls or a barbecue chicken sandwich, and you've got a meal that's ready for its close-up.