Turtle Mountain

Turtle Mountain Brewing Company, where the local New Mexico landscape inspires a menu bursting with tradition and taste, celebrates community ties with every pint and pie.


Mark Stensland

4/12/20231 min read

"Turtle Mountain Brewing Company: A Toast to Local Flavors and Faces"

Imagine a place where every slice of pizza is a homage to the local vistas and every beer is a tribute to tradition. That's the essence of Turtle Mountain Brewing Company, where owner Nico Ortiz has brewed up a connection between New Mexico's geography and gastronomy. With the Sandia Mountains—once known as the Turtle Mountains—looming in the backdrop, Ortiz has crafted a menu that reads like a love letter to the state's landscapes and his loyal team.

In a sit-down with Ortiz, you'd learn that the names of his pizzas are more than just creative whims; they're waypoints on a map of local pride. Some pies honor the stunning sceneries of New Mexico, while others carry the names of dedicated employees who've become part of Turtle Mountain's fabric. This blend of place and people has crafted more than just a successful eatery—it's created a community hub that's stood the test of time, with over two decades of stories baked into the crust.

The ambiance at Turtle Mountain is akin to a Southwestern European gastropub, where families gather under the warm glow of hospitality. But it's not just about the vibe; their dedication to inclusivity is evident in their menu. With options like reduced-gluten beers and a crust spectrum that spans from traditional to gluten-free, they ensure that beer lovers and pizza aficionados of all dietary needs can partake in the feast.

And let's not forget the favorites that keep locals coming back: the jumbo pretzel that demands a group effort to conquer, poblano peppers that bring just the right amount of heat, and the Nambe Nachos that are a crunchy, cheesy spectacle. Plus, for those who fancy a twist, any pizza can transform into a stuffed calzone, embracing versatility and customer delight.