Urban 360

Mark Stens Land

11/6/20231 min read

In the heart of Downtown Albuquerque, there's a portal to the past that's serving up slices and nostalgia in equal measure. It's called Holmes Pizza & Arcade, and it's more than just a pizzeria—it's a time machine and a treasure chest of culinary delights rolled into one. Here, families find common ground; parents relive their joystick days, while kids discover the charm of pixels and pinballs.

This place is a toast to the classics, where video game legends like Donkey Kong and Ms. Pac Man are the perfect sidekicks to a menu that's just as timeless. Holmes doesn't just make pizza; they craft a narrative with each dish. They're committed to the kind of quality that comes from non-GMO ingredients and dough that rises on the promise of homemade, whether you're vegan, gluten-free, or somewhere in between.

Holmes has mastered the art of topping a pizza with a dash of the unexpected. Here, the creamy tang of goat cheese meets the freshness of avocado in a culinary duet that's as surprising as it is satisfying. 'Holmes-made' is their creed, their guarantee of a pizza dotted with authenticity and care.

The ambiance is as laid-back as it gets—a collection of tables and chairs set amidst the electric buzz of the arcade. It's a place where every game over is followed by the comfort of chicken tenders and sweet bread knots, and where every high score is celebrated with a slice shared among friends.

So here's your invitation to step into Holmes Pizza & Arcade. Come for the nostalgia, stay for the flavors that are stirring up Downtown Albuquerque. It's a place where every bite is a reminder of how the simplest things—like a pizza topped with avocado and goat cheese or a round of pinball—can bring us together, forging new memories while cherishing the old. Holmes isn't just a spot on the map; it's where the heart of the arcade beats in tune with the soul of pizza making.