Voodoo Girl Pizza & Pints

Voodoo Girl Pizza and Pints is a crescendo of culinary delights, where pillowy pies from an Italian oven share the stage with rock tunes and a draft selection that’s like a high note for your taste buds.


Mark Stensland

12/29/20221 min read

"Where The Pizza Rocks and The Tunes Roll: Voodoo Girl Pizza and Pints"

If you thought pizza couldn’t jam, then you haven’t been to Voodoo Girl Pizza and Pints. Since its opening in 2021, this Wells Park joint has been serving up a symphony of flavors and sounds that make every visit feel like a backstage pass to flavor town.

Owner Kim Lujan knows the secret sauce to a good time—combine top-tier pizza with a side of live music and let the good times roll. With a wood-burning oven straight from Italy, these pies aren’t just cooked; they’re performed, rising to the occasion under the heat like a guitar solo at a rock concert.

But here’s the twist: it’s not just about the pizza. It’s about the experience—the New Orleans flair meets Southwest vibe, the walls that echo with the legends of 70s rock, and a tap list that’s like a greatest hits album with 80 beers.

This place is the perfect encore to any day. Whether you’re craving the New Mexico True Pizza with a side of spicy Hawaiian island flair or just want to sip on hibiscus lavender kombucha while belting out your favorite tunes on karaoke night, Voodoo Girl has you covered.

And let's not forget the red chile fries that give a whole new meaning to 'spice up your life'. It's the kind of place where even the kombucha has a personality, and every pizza feels like the main event at a festival.