Wise Pies

Wise Pies charts the journey of a New Mexico pizza brand that has risen from local favorite to a national sensation, baking up a tale of grass-roots growth, unique flavors, and a commitment to wholesome, family-friendly fare.


Mark Stensland

5/15/20232 min read

"Wise Pies: The Rise of a New Mexico Frozen Pizza Empire"

Let's turn the oven on and dial the story back to 2014, in Albuquerque's North Valley, where Wise Pies started as a humble pie shop with a vision. Fast forward through a whirlwind of growth and what do you get? A local legend that's taken the frozen pizza world by storm, landing in 40 states and claiming shelf space in nearly 4,000 stores.

In a tale as tantalizing as their Hatch green chile topping, Wise Pies has become a New Mexico heavyweight, duking it out in the frozen food aisle with giants like Tombstone and Red Baron. It’s a David and Goliath story, with pizza.

Season Chavez, the president of Wise Choice Foods, steers this ship with a mix of grit and grace. She recounts the intimidating landscape of big food giants with their deep pockets and strategic might, but Wise Pies’ journey is seasoned with the kind of grass-roots growth that would make any underdog supporter’s heart swell.

It’s a narrative of patience and persistence, cooking up pizzas and gathering feedback, one slice at a time. Then came the game-changer: a pivot to retail that catapulted them from local secret to national phenomenon, with their Hatch green chile pizza leading the charge.

Enter COVID-19, and Wise Pies seized the moment, launching into Kroger stores nationwide. But it wasn’t just the sales that soared—it was the feedback, the kind that makes a company know they’ve hit gold.

Wise Pies isn’t just resting on their laurels, though. With calzones and pizza bites expanding their repertoire, and a marinara sauce set to paint grocery store shelves with their brand, they're crafting a legacy that goes beyond the crust. And let's not forget the launch on QVC, tapping into the hearts (and stomachs) of moms everywhere, with wholesome pizzas that don't cut corners on health or taste.

Season Chavez's voice rings clear—a single mom’s perspective, striving for the balance between health and convenience, creating products that moms endorse and kids devour.

Wise Pies isn’t just making pizza; they're crafting a story of New Mexican pride, one where green chili marinara and spicy sauces are characters as compelling as the people behind them. And hey, when it's about pizza that parents and kids can agree on, that’s a story with a flavor that everyone can savor.