What a project this has been!And we've only just begun. Coming Christmas 2024

✓Calibrate your culinary imagination!-- because you're boring, and I'd rather look at my smart phone.

✓Discover why vanity metrics are BS, and interpretations of folk are funny, and y'all abunch of wannabe sociologists ;).

✓ Learn how to have flavor, as you make history!, and create culture--in real life.

✓You'll learn across the hard and soft sciences about ovens, doughs, sauces, flakes, Spanish, Mexican, Native American, etcetera, toppings -- AND about chile!

Pre-order ($59)

Writing is a form of thinking, THAT is an expression and reflection of your unique sense of flavor. Grow your signature style, because you'll need joy when you feel like _________. Here's to a bright future New Mexico! I love you.